November 2013

A wholehearted THANK YOU to City of London Academy and to Lydiard Park Academy for the warm welcome both schools gave me this month. Some feedback on my performance just came in from students at the latter:

‘Everyone was silent – nobody could take their eyes OR ears off him.’

‘I found Sam Enthoven really passionate about his work.’


‘I was very excited about seeing an author; when I saw him he was excited about his new book, funny and, well, a bit mad! But in a good way!’

For details about my school visits and how to book one, see my page at Contact An Author.

This is 30d – or as L. and I call it, The Thod.


For more than thirteen years for me it’s been been my airship, my space station, my Batcave and my Fortress of Solitude. It’s been a gateway to imaginary dimensions. Places I’ve gone while living inside it include Hell, the secret levels of the Bank of England and the Barbican, and (most recently) a room inside the head of a giant alien lobster lurking at the bottom of the sea.

I’ve got a lot of good memories of this place. Here’s to making more in the next.