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Some excellent reviews here for My Name is O


…Thanks to Barrington Stoke for passing these along. 😀

The twinkling lights of the city spread out below me, as far as I can see. Between the lights are great black shadows where the buildings are. Inside the buildings I imagine the people – eight million humans, most of them asleep.

Do you ever get the feeling that your life isn’t your own? Do you ever feel like everything you do, or everything you ever can do, has been chosen for you already? That it was all planned out before you were born, so all you can do is go along with it? Have you felt that way?

I have news for you. It’s true.

I work for the people who mapped out your life for you. They rule you and they rule me too. Every second of my life has belonged to them. But that will end tonight – one way or another.

My name is O. Not zero. It’s O like the letter that comes after N in the alphabet. My parents are called M and K. We were bred for our… talents.

Our masters call us the Blanks. We spy, steal, kill – whatever our masters need us to do. Apart from our masters (and now, I guess, you) no one knows we exist.

We are trained to have no identity – to be nothing, a void. We are like clay, for our masters to shape as they wish. That’s the lesson I was to learn.

But they failed to teach me it.

Alone, in secret, I learned the hardest skill of all: to make myself. I built a personality, a me, from whatever scraps I could snatch when no one was looking.

My name is O. Not zero: O. I am not nothing. I am fabulous and spectacular. And tonight, at last, is when I get to prove it.

The MY NAME IS O launch party was a HOOT. 😀

Here, below, is a video I just uploaded of the two-minute reading I did from the book.

An ENORMOUS THANK YOU to everyone who braved a very cold night to come out and help me celebrate, and to Tim and Simon for hosting the do at their brilliant shop.

If you, reading this, are visiting this all-new My Name Is O website for the very first time, a hearty HEE HEE HEE! to you, and welcome to my ongoing sinister masterplan to conquer the universe!

Note: What follows below first appeared on my previous blog, just a couple of days ago. My feelings haven’t changed. 😉


…Ahem, sorry, rather excited. What I mean is, these are finished copies of my new novella for Barrington Stoke, MY NAME IS O.I knew about the stickers, which (NB) are fully removable and come off without leaving a mark. What I didn’t know was how the mirror effect on the cover was going to turn out. The answer is, very nicely indeed.

Signed copies of MY NAME IS O (and my other books!) are available to order from The Big Green Bookshop (here’s their website). The book’s cover price is £6.99. Samurai booksellers Simon and Tim will gladly arrange delivery to anywhere in the world, and postage inside the UK is free.

Now another pic. Look at the middle one, so shiny that in the right light / right angle almost everything disappears except the O…

…Mmm. SHINY! :D