August 2012

That’s from Holly Harkness at her excellent blog Spinechills.

For Part 4 of FAMILY (and links to earlier episodes) click here.

Click here for FAMILY Part 1

A sinister masterplan is about to come to fruition: from next Friday (10th Aug) and for about six weeks thereafter I’m going to be posting a short story of mine free on Trapped By Monsters together with some gorgeous and terrifying illustrations created especially by Laura Trinder.

Here’s the announcement I just put up on TBM:

“Long-term followers of this blog might remember Jethro’s Ace of Hearts, the story of mine I serialized free here on TBM in thirteen parts with illustrations by David Melling. If you like that, get ready for this…


a horror story

written by Sam Enthoven, illustrated by Laura Trinder

A Trapped By Monsters EXCLUSIVE!

Part One to post at noon GMT on Friday 10th August 2012

Twelve more parts to come on Mondays and Fridays thereafter.

Nothing’s more important than family.’”

…Hope you’ll check in next Fri. 😀