September 2012

The final part of FAMILY is now live. If you do click through, watch out for an especially awesome choice of what to show by Laura Trinder. And if you want to read the whole thing and see all Laura’s brilliant artwork for it, the story starts here.

Working with illustrators is an absolute blast. Here’s to future sinister masterplans…!

FAMILY – the 13-part horror story I’ve been serialising free on Trapped By Monsters together with beautiful illustrations created especially by Laura Trinder – is reaching its climax. Here’s a sneak peek at Part 11, coming this Friday:

For Part 10, live as of noon today (plus links to all the previous parts), click here.

It is with great delight that I give the following warning: Part 13 contains what just might be the most horrible thing I’ve ever written. MOO HOO HA HA. 😀