January 2013

A thunderous THANK YOU! to my amazing friend Katie WebSphinx who, in between running her own business and bringing up two small kids while imminently expecting a third, has somehow found the time to come through with some fabulous new updates to my websites.

On the Fun Stuff page for this very site for My Name is O you’ll now find a Guestbook where you can leave messages for me if you like. You’ll also find the gloriously gloomy new page that Katie has created as a more permanent home for the short story I serialised free on Trapped By Monsters last year, Family – complete with all of Laura Trinder‘s aptly ominous artwork.

MEANWHILE: Some animal magic for you this week on TBM, with Bryan Talbot‘s Grandville – and Catzilla. 😀


On New Year’s Eve, inspired by the recent foolishness with Mayans and Joseph D’Lacey’s wonderful short story of the same name, I cooked this:


It’s an Armageddon Fish Pie.

Imagining a thrown-away future and the end of the universe was one of the easier bits of writing The Black Tattoo. Imagining a thrilling, positive, beautiful future and writing it into my next book has been much harder. But I’m getting there.

Happy New Year. Dream big.